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21st Century Project Know-how

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Disruptive developments in global business continuously create gaps for organizations that management must close. Some of these gaps are crucial, such as the gap between clients' need for speed and customization and the capacity of most organizations to respond, or gaps between the organization's own levels or divisions regarding policies, plans, schedules, and lessons learned.

To close such gaps, leading managers and HR professionals increasingly turn to project management. And for good reason. For two generations, this practice has continuously improved innovation, organizational productivity, product quality, and risk management. Without such improvements, small and medium-sized firms tend to not grow and to fail altogether. However, the rapid evolution of modern project management itself creates gaps for these same decision-makers. Examples are gaps between the ideals of individual excellence and teamwork, gaps between the expectations about project teams of different cultures, and gaps between individual desktop tools and social, cloud-based media.

The first gap that leaders must close then is this gap between foundational project management know-how for today and the training that is actually available. Much of today’s training takes the form of decontextualized, cookie-cutter presentations based on global standards. No matter how well-built the standard is, participants in such training are not likely to learn how to handle the complexity, conflict and turbulence of company projects. They are even less likely to learn lessons valuable to their organization when they are not collocated, when they are diverse in cultural background and language skills, and/or when their organization is new or newly-restructured.

Our Consulting Services

The key is not cookie-cutter courses. It is learning opportunities that create a foundational capacity in project management for the organization appropriate to its current business contexts. To assist top management in taking this critical step, Cogent Language offers a full range of consulting services, including the following.

  • Assess business requirements and current training capabilities in project management
  • Surface risks and performance gaps
  • Identify drivers and constraints
  • Identify pertinent standards, assessment processes
  • Design training solution system options and metrics
  • Develop, deliver, and evaluate pilot programs
  • Assist in creating proposals, statements of work
  • Source, evaluate, support provider(s)

Enterprise Solutions for Japan

Cogent Language began in 2005 as a pure consulting organization with its base of operations in the US.  We then began working with organizations in Asia Pacific as well. After a series of successful engagements, we opened a branch in Japan. To better serve such organizations, we transferred our base of operations to Tokyo in 2007.


If you would like to learn more about what we offer enterprise clients in Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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