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Team Challenge Program

About the Program



Conflict, complexity, and change are part of every project. Project managers can not avoid these wicked problems or the challenges they regularly present, like earning the trust of stakeholders and handling risk. Knowing how to tackle such challenges is what makes a project manager effective. This is the know-how that our Team Challenge program offers you.


To start with, tackling these challenges is a team sport: it is knowing how to collaborate. So, in all Team Challenge courses, you have the chance to work with other participants, role-playing a member of a project management team. In design sessions, walkthroughs, and 1:1 interaction, your team will build project models, plans, and decisions appropriate to specific moments in today's projects.

The Right Stuff

To do collaborative work under time and resource constraint, you need the right stuff in your head and in your hands. This program gives it to you: the framework of modern project management in your head and the cloud-based tools of modern business in your hands.

Systems Practice

Modern project management is a practice based on systems: systems modeling, planning, and managing. This practice, and the methods, tools, and jobs it involves, provide the framework of all Team Challenge courses. As an online reference on this framework, you have access to an extensive Cogent Language knowledge base, "Project Know-how". Most importantly, you develop the practice by doing, specifically by doing per the classic systems cycle of "PDCA". You plan, do, and check your work cooperatively, and then take appropriate action going forward.

Cloud-based Tools

In Team Challenge courses, there are no multiple choice questions, no talking heads, and no "learning management system" to deal with. Instead, you have at your disposal the actual cloud-based technologies of knowledge work today - web-conferencing, content-management systems, and a project collaboration platform. You and your team use these tools to build things that have value outside a classroom, specifically project management work products.


Since this program is an apprenticeship in modern project management, every course is internet-speed. Make no mistake - Team Challenge courses are intensive, "crash" courses, "crash" in the sense this word has in project management: you are given additional resources to compress a project schedule; it is compressed both to save money and to start making more of it as soon as possible.

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