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Collaboration Platform for Team Challenge Program

Cloud-based Technologies

Tools Fast Companies Really Use - NO LMS

In our programs, teams don't work through a "learning management system". Our platform is made of tools that fast companies really use to do projects today.

For Building Project Management Work Products:


  • Participants in all roles use Google Docs© for viewing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings (synchronously and/or asynchronously)
  • Managers use Google Docs© for building documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings in individual and collaborative settings

For Managing Project Management Work Products:

  • Participants in all roles use a Google Site©, and a Google Documents List© created by the coach as repositories of project management work products
  • Managers also use Google Documents List© to create and manage shared repositories


For Web-conferencing:

  • Participants in all roles use Google+ Hangouts© for walkthroughs, collaborative work, coaching, scheduled class meetings, and breakout sessions during the meetings. Other media may be used as well.
  • Participants in all roles may use Google Groups© for asking questions and handling Q&A asynchronously.

For Project Scheduling:

  • Participants in all roles use the project scheduling software Smartsheet© for managing time and assignment resources
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